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1949 Merc "Led Sled"

 This is a 1949 Merc "lead Sled" built by Fesler in less then four months for Indianapolis 500 winner Buddy Rice to drive everyday it was also present at the 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas and on display at California Speedway in Fontana for the last Indy race of 2005, This is truly a very unique vehicle that the complete body is all custom metal fabricated by Fesler, with flat black paint that is cleared for protection. Custom 20-inch Fesler FS903 3 piece wheels with BFG tires, Scotts Hotrod Mustang II front end, Air Ride Technologies air bag system, Magnaflow exhaust system, Air Mobile aluminum radiator and dual fan set up, Dakota Digital air bag monitor system, Lokar pedal and accessories, Auto Loc power trunk fabricated by Fesler, Auto Loc power window set up, Drip rails removed, headlights frenched in, tail lights modified to Cadi taillight, front and rear bumpers removed and replaced with all hand worked metal for a smooth look, sides moldings all removed and all holes welded up, rear side quarters all welding in and smoothed out. Dakota Digital air ride control and a huge Pioneer sound system all custom built in with matching leather interior. For the engine the Buick Nailhead was used with a 871 blower and all the goodies, Vintage air conditioning and Street & Performance is building the pulley system to run the power steering and ac unit. with Cover of Super Rod and 11 page article and more coming soon. 

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