Did you know all Fesler products are manufactured right here in Scottsdale, AZ. MADE IN AMERICA!

What our Clients Say!

Fit and finish were top notch,no issues with any aspect of what most consider a minor piece but is noticed with every opening of any door. Absolutly the best fit and finish bar none. Victor B.

What our Clients Say!

The quality of the Hood Hinges I purchased for my 68 Camaro were beyond any expectations. Jeff H.

What our Clients Say!

I purchased the set for my 1969 Camaro in the geometric design with the clear anodized finish. The detail and finish of these hinges is impeccable. These are absolutely great pieces as always with Fesler. Chris H.

What our Clients Say!

I own a number of pro touring cars, Camero and 1956-57 Chevrolet's. I have purchased, installed and used a large number of Fesler Billet products and I can state infadicaly they are the best in all areas quality and fit. Their sales staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and they deliver exactly when they promise. I totally enjoy my relationship with Fesler Billet. Jerome B.

What our Clients Say!

My name is Kirby H. I have purchased many parts but the one I was most impressed with were the hood hinges. The hinges were amazing! This was the first product I have purchased that was packed and delivered with a white set of gloves to ensure that the chrome was not tarnished during the install. Fesler parts are always the best quality and best engineered. They always have the proper fit. I am extremely satisfied with all Fesler parts I have purchased. Thank you as always, for your quality and customer service. Kirby H

What our Clients Say!

Great product! Quality second to none! Great cusromer service as well! Dan L.

What our Clients Say!

Ordered a clear anodized set with the black mesh background and like all other Fesler products they are beautiful pieces. Chris H.

What our Clients Say!

Makes the engine compartment in my 68 Camaro look nice. i shopped everywhere for the nicest one and finally found it @ Fesler. well done !! Sarj S.

What our Clients Say!

Tremendous quality. These are the tail lights that GM were meant to make. Much better than stock in form and quality. Black Anodized with black lenses, these are a must for any 69 Camaro Restomod. Nate

What our Clients Say!


Our Mission

At Fesler, we will always go the extra mile to build a vehicle the right way, the first time. Communicating with clients in an honest and forthright manner is paramount to our success. We will design, manufacture and support our own products, from within our own organization, at all costs. The products that leave our shop, whether on four wheels or in a shipping package, represent the Fesler brand to the world and our good name to everyone who sees or utilizes them.

If the Fesler name and brand promise interest you, give us a call and speak to a real person, toll free, at 1-866-553-1856.

Oh yeah! Don't forget about our services!

Fesler one stop shop for all your restomod parts and needs!!!

Fesler offers custom services including Performance, Wheels/tires, Suspension, Metal fabrication, Interior work, Billet parts and accessories for the DIY-er. If you need a head-start, we can help! Give us a call today at: 480-748-2000.


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Fesler Facts

"All Fesler products are made right here in the U.S.A."

"Fesler not only manufactures products but they build the cars the products go on so you know you are buying a quality product that fits."

"Fesler has teamed up with Asanti wheels to come out with a custom wheel line for the mucsle car and hot rod industry. We can build just about any size and color combo."

"Not all builders are equal, just take a look at how we build the cars and notice that under the dash is as nice as the paint on the car. The majority of shops have no clue on what they are doing so be very careful when chosing your builder."

"Stop buying crap from China or using companies that make their parts in China, they dont last and the fit and quality sucks."

"Fesler has it's own private line of 3-piece wheels, big brakes, stainless steel headers, gauges, paint and even glue for shop use."